Thank you for visiting Teaching Well! My intention behind this blog is to inspire and encourage wellness, balance, and joy in teachers and non-teachers alike.

A couple of years ago, I sat in front of a nutritionist complaining about my habit of mindlessly snacking on anything and everything at night (popcorn in particular!). I couldn’t break the urge. She explained it quite simply. As a teacher, I am giving, giving, giving all day long. Teachers give of their energy, patience, and love every day, often doing a hundred things at once. Our lunch breaks are short (if they happen at all) and on some days, we barely have time to go to the bathroom. When evening comes, when we’re finally at home and resting, our minds and bodies want to *give to ourselves* after giving to others all day. For me, this was translating into nightly sampling of every popcorn brand on the market.

Self-care and balance are so important for those in service-oriented professions, like teachers. It’s also important for anyone and everyone, regardless of your job. So while this blog is titled Teaching Well, I hope anyone from any background, doing any kind of life work can find value in what is offered.

Finally, I am not a life coach, a therapist, or a professional anything when it comes to wellness. I’m just a normal person who has been teaching second grade for almost seven years now. When I’m not teaching/grading/planning, I read a lot of books on self-improvement, practice yoga, dabble in meditation, and appreciate mindfulness. I aim to share what I’ve learned, pass along interesting resources I find, and write about my general musings. Follow my blog and stay tuned for all the goodness!

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