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My 5 Thankful Things

I have a whole lot to be thankful for. Below is a list of just a few of the smaller and simpler things that deserve my thanks. It’s important to be grateful for the big and important parts of our lives. But it’s also important to appreciate the little things that make life that much sweeter and easier!

My 5 Thankful Things

  1. Gel Manicures – The gel manicure transformed me. Only is a gel manicure able to withstand the hand washing, Purell slathering, gluing, cutting, moving desks, painting, opening stubborn snack wrappers, and myriad other tasks I find myself doing everyday with my hands. For those in the Bay Area, my place is Diamond Nail in San Jose and I highly recommend it!
  2. Costco Sherpa Blankets – I have yet to meet a human (or pet) that can resist these cozy, snuggly blankets. Our cat Charlie is addicted to cuddling up with the Costco blankets. They are inexpensive and perfect for wrapping up and watching TV or taking a nap.
  3. DoorDash – The reluctant cook and introvert’s dream service! Not only will DoorDash bring me food, I barely have to speak to anyone in the process! (This is also why I like the self check-out lines at grocery stores.)
  4. The Library – I very much like books. I’ve been known to buy many books and while most get read, some still have bookmarks half way through them. I save money by looking to see if the book I want is at the library. Browsing through the stacks allows me to reminisce about my days in college. Plus, the library always has interesting characters wandering around for me to observe…
  5. Anthropologie’s “Fir and Firewood” Candles – This is the best candle I’ve found so far, hands down. This candle puts me in the holiday spirit like no other and is also quite relaxing. I may not have a fireplace in my apartment, but this candle lets me to think that I do!


Try being more aware of the little things that you are thankful for in life. I guarantee you’ll have a nicer day with your gratitude radar up and running!

Be thankful and be well!


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