The perfect planner for 2018!

My Favorite Planner for 2018

I adore a good planner. I am truly a happy lady when I am at Paper Source, drooling over weekly and monthly layouts, complete with to-do lists and all that nerdy, organizational goodness! In the past, I’ve purchased multiple planners over the course of a year because I found another one that I MUST HAVE. My obsession has been relatively tame in the past few years since I started using a calendar on my phone. But alas, you cannot color-code and check things off on a phone quite like you can on a paper calendar. Therefore, I decided last year that even if I am using my phone to keep track of certain tasks, I still need the joy of a paper planner in my life.

The Desire MaP PlanneR

So after much, much, research, I found one that meets my very high standards: The Desire Map.This planner is aesthetically pleasing, well laid out, and sprinkled with inspirational words, quotes, and phrases (love this). But what makes this planner unique is that each week you identify your “core desired feelings”, or how you want to feel that week. You then organize your days with those desired feelings in mind. I think of it as setting my intentions for the week. Regardless of what type of week it is,  I can keep my desired feelings in mind as I journey through each day.

For example, present and capable were my desired feelings the week I was working on report cards. I wanted to avoid worrying about how much work was still left to be done, and just focus on what could be accomplished today. I also wanted to feel capable and free of self-doubt as I tackled the behemoth that is report cards.

Present - Capable

The week after a break, I desired to feel revitalized! Some of my other desired feelings throughout 2017 were grateful, non-judgmental, ready, and slow-paced.


Aside from identifying core desired feelings, some of the other features I love about The Desire Map planner include:

  • Soul Prompts (like short journaling prompts)
  • Gratitude Lists
  • Areas to reflect on what you want to Stop Doing or Want To Change
  • Monthly and weekly layouts to write your calendar events and to-do lists

In conclusion…

This is the perfect planner for someone who likes organizational tools and also has a tendency towards overwhelm and anxiety. Using this planner helps me to manage my life logistically as well as emotionally. I am super pleased I found this planner and will be purchasing my 2018 version very soon.

I encourage you to keep your desired feelings in mind as you plan your week!

Plan well and be well!

7 thoughts on “My Favorite Planner for 2018

  1. Mala | says:

    For years, I searched for the best planner and eventually settled on the bullet journal system earlier this year. It’s working for me so far.
    That said, The Desire Map planner does sound like a good planner. I like the guiding cues.

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