2018 Intentions

2018 Intentions Project

The time has come to start thinking about the new year and to plan our intentions for 2018! You'll note I have refrained from using the word "resolutions" and instead prefer "intentions". Resolutions imply the solving of a problem in a way that seems harsh and firm. Intentions on the other hand are softer and [...]

The Introvert Teacher

It's my first day of Christmas break and I've spent much of it all  by myself.  I could not be happier. I look forward to school breaks for many reasons, but a big one is being able to honor my introverted nature and spend some quality time alone. My day started with drinking a cup of coffee [...]


Talk To Yourself

How do you talk to yourself (in your head)? Do you regularly critique your choices, your body, or the things you say? Are you consistently doubting yourself or beating yourself up? We all do this to a certain extent. Sometimes it's because our egos get the best of us or we're just in a crappy [...]

morning routine

Confession: My Pathetic Morning Routine

I often read about the importance of a calming morning routine and its potential to set the tone for the day.  Wellness gurus tout the benefits of starting your day with light stretching, drinking hot water with lemon, and journaling. Sounds idyllic. Confession time - this is my (pathetic) morning routine: Stay in bed until the [...]

gift guide

Wellness Inspired Gift Guide!

Like many of you, I am getting into "gifting mode"!  'Tis the season, friends (whether you're excited for it or not)!  I always enjoy looking at the various gift guides that people post online in hopes of getting new and fresh ideas. There's nothing worse than wandering aimlessly through the shopping malls, always last minute, [...]