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Confession: My Pathetic Morning Routine

I often read about the importance of a calming morning routine and its potential to set the tone for the day.  Wellness gurus tout the benefits of starting your day with light stretching, drinking hot water with lemon, and journaling. Sounds idyllic.

Confession time – this is my (pathetic) morning routine:

  1. Stay in bed until the very last possible moment.
  2. Rush to get ready.
  3. “Air dry” my curly hair via the heater in my car.
  4. Eat breakfast (instant oatmeal) while making last minute copies in the teacher’s workroom.

This is an actual screenshot of the various alarms on my phone:

morning alarms

Insane, right?!

I know full well that this is not a routine that supports my wellness. I feel hurried and the opposite of calm.  However, I have gone through phases where I’ve tried to improve my routine! I once tried meditating for 5-10 minutes upon waking. I’ve also tried doing a short morning yoga practice to start my day. I’m able to sustain these new routines for a few weeks, but then I inevitably slip back into my old ways…

Sometimes I tell myself, I’m just not a morning person. And there’s truth to this, for sure. For as long as I can remember, I’ve loved staying up late and sleeping in. My mother always struggled to wake me up for school when I was a kid.  I can still sleep in until 10am on the weekends, just like a college student. And during summer vacation, I can easily stay awake until 12 or 1am before wanting to go to bed.

My biological nature seems to make me a night owl.

night owl morning routine

What to do?

First of all, I don’t spend time beating myself up about my pathetic morning routine. I do a lot to support my wellness, and I just haven’t gotten this one right yet. And that’s ok – I’m only human. But I also don’t think it’s good enough to settle on “I’m a night owl” as an excuse for my rushed mornings. My biological nature might make me predisposed to certain behaviors, but I still have the power to change them. This one is proving to be pretty tricky.

It would be amazing if I had a job where the hours were 10-6. But the truth is that as a teacher, I am required to start my work day early. I have to be ready to talk to parents, solve playground disputes, and come up with creative morning messages – all at 8am.

So I will continue to try to improve my mornings, even if I’m met with failure. I will not make this a New Year’s resolution, because I know I might be setting myself up for disappointment. But maybe I’ll try getting up just 5 minutes earlier than I did the day before. Or maybe I’ll try forcing myself up at 5am for a whole week and see what happens. I will not give up on my dreams of a peaceful morning routine.

Fellow morning sufferers – have you tried to change your routine? Has anything worked? Please leave a comment if you have wisdom to share!

Be well (even in the mornings),

19 thoughts on “Confession: My Pathetic Morning Routine

  1. Chelsea says:

    Others can vouch for my strict my routine, but I don’t know that it’s necessarily different from you. I have one alarm, and sometimes, I wake up before it because I’m anxious about the day. I get ready very quickly and end up having some time before I have to leave, but then feel I would be doing something productive still. Getting into that healthy frame of mind is a challenge for a lot of people and it certainly takes many forms.

  2. Lamees says:

    From my opinion, I like the way you mentioned everything in an honest way. We don’t have to act prefect to get more views. If we want to blog and share our lives with everyone, we have to be frank about everything and that what will make each one of us special.
    Good for you 👍👍

    • Joelle says:

      I generally enjoy exercising in the late afternoon/evening. But if it’s been a particularly rough day,then there’s no way I’ll get myself there! I understand completely.

  3. Dan says:

    I’m the same! If you haven’t already, you might try coming at it the other way: create a bedtime routine. Set an alarm for an hour before you want to be in bed (preferably 8 hours before you have to wake up). When it goes off, stop everything and do your sleep routine. Herbal tea, meditation, yoga poses, bath, whatever relaxes you.

    Thanks for your honesty, Jojo!

  4. Meagan says:

    A morning routine is also something that I struggle with. I have been trying for months but the snooze button often seems better than morning yoga. I try not to get frustrated with myself and just keep trying. Good to know I am not the only one who struggles!

  5. Erika Lancaster says:

    Oh man! I worked as a teacher at a school for the last six years and I totally feel you! Waking up at 5 a.m. in order to be, not only a functional human being by 7:30, but a PEPPY, social and super kind one is rough! I personally set my alarm at 5 a.m. and am not a snoozer because I get very anxious when I’m in a hurry and I know it’s only going to worsen everything for me! I resigned from teaching full-time at the end of the last school year in order to start my own business, but I used to wake up at 5 a.m., had a very quick stretching/mini-workout while I made my morning tea, and got ready drinking tea. I give myself time to spare in order to avoid too much stress and anxiety. Rushing is even worse for me and a sure way of starting my day off on the wrong foot! But I am a bit strange! haha

  6. Brooke Taylor says:

    This might just be THE most relatable blog post I’ve ever read! Thanks for the reminder to not beat myself up for not having more productive mornings. We all have our strengths and weaknesses and at the end of the day I think I’m fine with less meditation and soaking up those extra 5 minutes of ZzZs 😏

    • Joelle says:

      Thank you for reading! 🙂 I try to be as honest as possible in my writing! You’re right, we all have strengths and weaknesses. And I agree – 5 minutes in bed can make a big difference!

  7. Jess says:

    Do you know I couldn’t agree more! There are days when I have the energy to get up and be productive, but then there are days that my morning routine is very much like yours. Well done for sharing!

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