2018 Intentions

2018 Intentions Project

The time has come to start thinking about the new year and to plan our intentions for 2018! You’ll note I have refrained from using the word “resolutions” and instead prefer “intentions”. Resolutions imply the solving of a problem in a way that seems harsh and firm. Intentions on the other hand are softer and suggest aiming towards certain goals. I prefer this lighter, gentler approach because let’s face it – we’re fallible humans. We’re not going to do things perfectly. Intentions guide us in a direction we’d like to go, knowing that any process of change likely includes two steps forward and one step back.

The 2018 Intentions Project

So, I have made something pretty for you!

I have created Teaching Well’s first ever original content – a lovely little 2018 Intentions Project for you to craft your goals for the new year.

2018 Intentions Project        2018 Intentions Project

This downloadable project includes:

  • A 6-page workbook to reflect on four different areas of your life – mind, body, career, and relationships
  • 12 guiding questions to ask yourself as you create your intentions
  • A section to record easy action to do’s, that being more concrete, practical tasks you’d like to check off as the new year begins
  • A “final draft page” to record your intentions and to post in a visible place
  • Beautiful, inspiring design (I figure we’re more likely to pay attention to our goals if they look pretty!)

Maybe you’ll want to write your thoughts down in pencil so that they can be amended as the new year progresses. Or perhaps you’ll carefully consider your goals, write them down with your favorite pen, then laminate the final page, and place it somewhere important. You know this nerdy teacher will be going the laminating route. 😉

I have one last thing to say about setting your intentions. Remember – progress not perfection. If you find yourself slacking in one of your goals, that’s fine! Be patient with yourself, revisit your intentions, and pick back up again.

I hope you find the 2018 Intentions Project to be a useful and inspiring tool!

Get the 2018 Intentions Project here!


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