I believe in you

ibiy – i believe in you.

There’s a new movement and it’s called “ibiy“.

What is that, you ask? It is an acronym for I believe in you. This movement was proposed at my school to counteract the negativity we often see in our culture and in the media. We are regularly bombarded with news of violence, verbal aggression, and the spreading of insults amongst people of prominence. There are rivaling factions, arguing talking heads on the news, not to mention the reports of various sexual transgressions amongst people in authority. This hardly breeds hope in humanity.

So what is there to do? It’s quite simple. Kindness wins. We each have the power to spread hope and positivity – if we choose to. My school community chooses to.

Spread the ibiy message

In my opinion, there’s no better place than a school to promote acts of hope and encouragement. Schools are spaces where the most impressionable people (kids) congregate, take risks, try new things, and form their identities. It is incredibly powerful to say to someone, especially a young person, “I believe in you.” I believe you have talents and strengths. I believe that what you are saying is true for you. I will support you in achieving your goals. These four words say all of that and more.

So, I have ibiy written on the whiteboard in the front of my classroom. My school also made ibiy buttons and I wear mine daily. I love that a student can look at me and see a positive message, literally on me. I love that when a student looks at me with self-doubt or frustration, I can just point to the button and say, “I believe in you!” Empowering children is our ultimate goal as educators.

Empowering others should be one of our ultimate goals as humans.


Tell someone you believe in them. Use the acronym as a hashtag on social media. Send the message as a text. It doesn’t quite matter how you spread hope, just that you do it. There’s something in it for you too. It feels good to inspire others.

Kindness wins with ibiy.

Be hopeful, be inspirational, and be well!

i believe in you

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