Hi there! My name is Joelle.

I am a second grade teacher in the San Francisco Bay Area.

I created this blog to meld two of my passions – wellness and teaching

Self-care and balance are so important for those in service-oriented professions, like teachers. It’s also important for anyone and everyone, regardless of your job. So while this blog is titled Teaching Well, I hope anyone from any background, doing any kind of life work can find value in what is offered.

I am not a life coach, a therapist, or a professional anything when it comes to wellness. I’m just a normal person who has been teaching second grade for almost seven years now. When I’m not teaching/grading/planning, I read a lot of books on self-improvement, practice yoga, dabble in meditation, and appreciate mindfulness. I aim to share what I’ve learned, pass along interesting resources I find, and write about my general musings.

My intention is to inspire hard-working teachers (and non-teachers too!) to incorporate balance, self-care, and joy into their daily lives.

Be well!