The Intentions Project


The Intentions Project


“The Intentions Project”

Are you desiring to make meaningful changes to an area of your life that needs extra love?

Fed up with certain habits or routines that are not serving you anymore?

I’ve created this beautiful and inspiring workbook that asks you just the right questions to get at what needs to be transformed for you to be your BEST you. Start taking care of yourself, mentally, physically, and emotionally, by setting gentle intentions for yourself.

This downloadable project includes:

  • A 6-page workbook to reflect on four different areas of your life – mind, body, career, and relationships
  • 12 guiding questions (based on years of study in self-improvement, self inventory taking, and and my own personal quest for wellness) to ask yourself as you create your intentions
  • A section to write easy action to do’s, that being more concrete, practical tasks you’d like to take care of (that maybe you’ve been putting off!)
  • A “final draft page” to record your thoughts and to post in a visible place
  • Beautiful design (I figure we’re more likely to pay attention to our goals if they look pretty!)

What makes this project even greater? You can use it over and over, yearly, quarterly, or monthly, to keep your intentions new and fresh.

I hope you find The Intentions Project to be a useful and inspiring tool!


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